Climate Science Work Parties: for DC festivals. Hands-on kits assembled by Bay Area volunteers

Join in! Fun and meaningful work parties. Bay Area volunteers will be assembling kits of hands-on climate science demonstrations.

These will be duplicates of kits that have been delighted tens of thousands of California families for years. They are now being requested by teachers and volunteers in Washington DC and surrounding states.

The first use of the kits will be at a science festival in Washington DC in February: AAAS Family Science Days 2019.

The kits will then stay in the DC Area in the service of science education for tens of thousands of local students and educators. Specific future venues will be:

== Science festivals on the National Mall

== In K-12 schools in Washington DC , Maryland and West Virginia.

== Howard University’s Atmospheric Sciences and Chemistry departments, in their outreach work in the surrounding DC communities.

== DC Area green teams — in the schools, congregations, and government programs.

Work party Info:

Two work parties; one each on the Saturday and Sunday.

January 12th and 13th, 2019

11:30am – 4:30pm both days. (OK to come for part of, but please be ready to stay 2 hours at a minimum, to make it worth getting you up to speed.)

We’ll be in the classroom.

Ecology Center

2530 San Pablo Avenue (between Dwight Way & Parker St.)

Berkeley, CA


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